How sex toys have evolved over the years

There was this 28,000 years old sex toy found in Germany. Shaped like a penis, with the identifiable cap of the head, it measured 7.8 inches long. The width was 1.1 inches. This penis was a handheld sex toy made from siltstone, discovered in a cave in Swabian Jura. This ancient sex toy made from stone has to get shoved into a vagina, just like a dildo.

It was smooth and definitely hard enough to please any woman. The length was just long enough to be held by a hand, to be thrust deep, and pulled in and out. It could have been used by a caveman for sex dating or by women while masturbating.


Phallic symbols

Phallic symbols have been around for centuries. There are those craved from stone or wood but not all of these were used as sex toys as some were for fertility rituals. There were phallic charms made from metal used to keep evil spirits away. These charms found in Rome found in places like the ruins of Pompeii. Since the time of cave dwellers, sex toys were used to heighten pleasure and by women to get something inside their vaginas instead of a penis.

Nowadays, when social interractions have changed, if you need sexual pleasure, if you don’t have a regular partner, your best bet is to either own a sex toy, either get online to search for sex – and here’s a list of tips if you want to do that.

Advanced sex toys 

Since we are out of the stone age, such toys are no longer crudely created.  Sex toys have been developed in such a way that these can duplicate a penis and other parts of the human body like a vagina. Some dildos look and feel just like a penis. Due to advances in technology, dildos and other sex toys have features that make it capable of doing more. Some of these features in toy penis’ include that of being able to vibrate, spin, and perhaps even dance the jig.

Outrageous sex toys

With new things getting invented nearly daily, a vibrator that works only to buzz might get upgraded right away.  Those old-style dildos might be double duty, and the sizes would be incredibly large. Outlandish, outrageous sex toys of all shapes and sizes available easily online.

Keep things interesting

Studies show that sex toys are commonly used by couples to keep their sex life interesting. These toys are considered as a sexual aid. The routine has to be made more interesting because desire fades, and getting a bit wilder and finding creative ways to make out can make the desire spark again.

Find someone new

When people want to make sex more interesting, they typically find someone new. A fling here, a no-strings-attached affair there, and then they go back to their home ground. There are some people that don’t like sex toys. They just want a warm body, to feel the touch, and hear the groans. They prefer live action to automation, as the response does not click into place.

Everyone has the right to choose what pleases them, and we all have the right to the pursuit of happiness. Keep in mind that people go sex dating all the time, and if you don’t want to use sex toys, that is the option you can take.